10 Hilarious Cat Videos That Will Have You Rolling on the Floor Laughing

OK, so there isn't anything new about Funny Cat Videos, The internet is a series of tubes filled with them.

But we at Boujee cat found the best of the best  and we of course challenge you not to laugh. If you do not laugh we challenge you to call a friend and get some help!

Feel free to share this blog post and try not to die laughing.

#10 Good old classic.

Nothing beats like a good old Funny Cats Compilation. You get a bit of everything here.

#9 World's Most Obedient Cat.

There is just something really funny about a cat that would be so nice and helpful to her human companion. Cat's can be highly independent and often dismiss doing anything they don't feel like doing.

#8 Fat Cats? Yes.

We love fat cats, simply can't help it. They are cute and fluffy but, extra. You just get more cat. How can you not love that? 

#7 Cats dancing and singing. Yes, please.

This is quite impressive, and often times weird. Especially the singing,

#6 Cats acting like Humans.

This is the kind of stuff that happens when you turn your back. And the cat becomes... well, human!

#5 Cats being scared of random things. 

It's simply a defense mechanism, but we can't help laughing. There is just something really funny about their reaction. Jump!

#4 Cats Being scared specifically by Cucumbers. YEAH, you read it right.

We found this really odd. There is a study about it here.

#3 Cats going on a diet... sort of.

If there is tuna around, forget about it! But this is funny, really. I can't even go on a diet like that!

#2 Good old vine.

RIP Vine. The best of the best.

#1 Cats and baths, not a love story.

Cats and water is not a good idea... like never. Even the cats enjoy a bath from time to time, don't push them to have a bath if they don't feel like it. No seriously. Just don't.

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If you found it funny share it with your friends if you have any other favorite cat videos or think the list can use some more humor send us your recommendations at meow@boujeecat.com.


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