10 Best Holiday Gifts for Cat Lovers + Cats

As we all know, the holiday season can quickly go from warm and fuzzy to worrisome and frantic in two seconds flat. Thanksgiving is great (who doesn’t love stuffing their face with food?) and Christmas is supposed to be a time of joy and merriment, but shopping for gifts can lead to high anxieties. Black Friday all too often turns into a complete disaster. Sure, you might find some great deals, but why worry about waiting in a long line at five o’clock in the morning? Skip the hustle and bustle of shopping malls and do your shopping in the comfort of your own home! We’ve got everything you need (and more!) for the cats and cat-lovers in your boujee inner circle. Here are our top 10 picks of the season:


  1. Cat Corkscrew

This corkscrew is absolutely perfect for those who love both wine and cats. Sleek, chic, and an excellent conversation starter, this gift is one you just might want to keep for yourself! An easy-twist design allows you to open a bottle of your favorite adult grape juice, without ever having to worry about breaking the cork in front of your guests.

  1. Macramé Cat Hammock

Cat towers and cat beds, although cozy and functional, can often be unsightly and clash with your interior decor…but there’s no need to compromise your aesthetic. Spoil your fur-baby (and yourself!) by grabbing this stunning macramé cat hammock. Your cat will love lounging in this non-toxic, feline-friendly wall hanging, and you won’t have to worry about dealing with an eye-sore for the sake of your cat’s comfort. It’s a win-win situation!

  1. Cute Cat Slides

Help your cat-obsessed friends and relations prepare for summer early by gifting them these adorable slip-ons. Nothing says “I LOVE CATS!” better than sandals with ears and tails attached to them! Available in six different styles, these kicks are both fashion-forward and extremely comfortable. The best part? They have anti-skid soles that guarantee you’ll never have to worry about scuffs again.

  1. Best Cat Mom/Dad Ever Tee

We all know cat mom’s are proud of their fur babies. Gift this cute trendy Tee to your favorite cat mom or dad. Also perfect for couples who have a cat together.  Or treat yo’self and gift this to yourself, wear it loud and proud.. you really are the best cat mom ever.


  1. Boujee Bow Tie Collar

Who doesn’t love a cute cat collar!? This classic gender neutral velvety suede collar with a bell is perfect for the dapper house cat. It is a tailored classic look, and comes in 5 colors. A classy look for female cats, or a heartbreaker gentleman look for the boys. Your fur boy will be Mr. Steal Your Girl.


  1. Cat Ear Bluetooth Wireless Headphones

Meow Beats! We cannot handle the CUTENESS! These make the perfect guift because they are unique!!  These cat ear wireless Bluetooth headphones are amazing quality, and a must have for any cat lover who likes a unique and edgy look. Zone out and listen to music, put on your favorite podcast, or get your gaming on with this versatile show-stopping headset.  We have tested the quality ourselves and are super impressed!  The ears can even light up, adorbs!!!


  1. Cat Winter Seater

It is officially SWEATER WEATHER!! And that means winter wardrobe is in full effect. Not just for you, but for your cat, too! This is a great gift for your cat, or for friend’s with bujee cats Spice up your fur baby's winter wardrobe, and get your cat all cuddled up with one of these super cute sweaters. With lots of styles to choose from, the cat you choose to put this sweater on will certainly be the most boujee in the room!


  1. Kitty Love Cat Socks

This is the perfect stocking stuffer!! Everyone can always use more socks, and cute cat socks!? Score! These adorable socks come in a pack of 5, so you get all five pairs of cuteness! Gift them all to one person, or spread some love and give one pair to five lucky friends. Each pair has a unique cat design that shows on the top of the foot, and the phrase "Kitty Love" on the bottom of the foot. SO stinkin' cute!


  1. Cat Whisker Face Mask

The sad reality is that we have to wear masks everywhere now, ugh! So why not gift a cute mask!? We like this adorable reusable face mask because it’s unique… not too many people are walking around with kitty whiskers! Give the gift of unique and functional, we love this mask!  


  1. Meowy Christmas Sweater

Nothing says “Meowy Christmas” to a cat lover better than this sweater! This design is a Boujee Cat exclusive and is designed by our Boujee Cat creative team, so nobody else will have this sweater!! Gift this to your cat lover friends, or snag one for yourself and cozy up to a fire and wear it lounging around the house! Also perfect a holiday ugly sweater party!


So skip the lines, avoid the crowds, and stop worrying about having to park a mile away from the store front, just because it’s the only parking spot available. Whether pampering yourself, your cat, or your cat-infatuated friends or significant other, these holiday gifts can be purchased without ever having to leave the comfort of your own pajamas! Have a happy (and safe!) holiday and, as always…

Stay Boujee, friends! Happy Holidays and Meowy Christmas!



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