8 Ways to Keep your Cat Busy

We all know our fur baby’s just want our love and attention. And we LOVE them to death, but we can’t be there to play all day every day. We as cat parents have other responsibilities than being awesome cat parents. Afterall… someone’s gotta put food on the table (and in the bowl!). As the world opens back up, we find ourselves out of the home more often than before. Of course our cats are independent, but they still want to play and

All cats (especially Boujee cats) deserve to be well taken care of, so we’ve created a list of 7 ways to keep your cat busy while you are preoccupied or while you are out of the house:

-1- Give them a View
Cat Window Bed
Cat’s are curious creatures, drawn to observing what is going on in the outside world. Keep the blinds open so your cat can pass time by starting out the window (and sunbathe!). If your windows are hard to reach for your kittty, move a shelf of a piece of furniture close to the window so it can have somewhere to perch and gaze out. Or even better, mount a bed to the window so your fur baby can fall asleep on watch duty – double whammy!

-2- Automated Toys
Let technology do the work for you! Toys that provide entertainment for you cat without any human interaction are a GAME CHANGER! Our absolute favorite is a laser toy that turns on and off on an automated schedule – this toy is your cat’s playmate! Every 90 minutes the laser toy turns on for 15 minutes and rotates motions, teasing your cat and promoting chasing and activity. It is a cute toy, with a clean modern look that blends in with any room, and most importantly cats LOVE it.

-3- Multi-Purpose Furniture for your Cat
Multipurpose Cat Bed Tower Condo
Protect your furniture by providing your cat with it’s own condo/tree/post. By giving your cat designated furniture that can perform multiple functions, you not only giving your beloved pet a place to call home, but also creating a place to play, scratch, and have fun. There are endless options for multi-purpose cat furniture – but be sure to select something that isn’t just a bed – make sure it features places to scratch and things to play with. Think in terms of a jungle gym, there should be multiple ways to keep your cat busy! Cat furniture comes in all shapes and sizes, and there are some for all budgets. Heck, you can even make one yourself! This is an affordable favorite. 

 -4- Cat TV
Ever thought to keep your TV or computer turned on? There is such thing as YouTube for cats. Find a show for your feline friend, and keep the tube on while you are gone. First, test it out while you are home to see if they are interested. This is a super easy way to put your mind at ease when you leave your house.

 -5- Food Puzzle Toy
Cat food puzzle toy

Is your kitty motivated by treats!? Food puzzle toys are a great way to keep your cat entertained. Food puzzles require stimulate your cat’s mind, and create a fun playful way to be active. Insert treats or food into the uniquely shaped puzzle toys, and they will have to figure out how to get the treats out. The longer they play, the more treats they get! Put one of these toy out right before you leave, and your cat will love you for it.

-6- Water Fountain

Keeping your cat busy is definitely a priority, but keeping your cat hydrated should also be a high priority – so that is why we think water fountains are a perfect solution, because they address both! The motion of the moving water keeps your cat engaged and curious, and promotes drinking more water, which will keep your cat healthy and hydrated. If your cat already drinks out of it’s bowl, place a water fountain out just when you leave the house, so it can be seen as a treat to play and drink.

 -7- Leaving out a Treat

If you leave a treat out for your cat when you know you will be gone for a long time, they will start to associate this with something that makes them happy – this is positive reinforcement! Any type of treat your cat likes is great, but we particularly like the Lickin’ Good Nutrition Ball, because it mounts to a surface, and the cat can graze and lick at its discretion.

-8- Another Cat!?

Is your kitty an only child? Maybe it is time to think about getting your cat a companion/bestie!? Adding another cat into the family is a great way to keep both cats busy – they will have each other to play with! This is more of a long term solution that the other ideas. Obviously bringing in a new cat is an added responsibility, so make sure you are ready to take it on. Visit your local shelter or check to see if there are any cat cafes near you that have cats to adopt. The transition of adding a new cat into the home is exciting, but it can be a transition for all, so be patient! In time, your cats will look to each other to play, snuggle, and keep one another company.

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