Best Hypoallergenic Cat Breeds for Pet Owners with Allergies

Got Allergies?

So you might be asking yourself: What is a Hypoallergenic Cat? Can I have a cat even if I have allergies? Well, the answer is yes, this is our guide to the top cat breeds that you can own without having to worry about allergies.

Dog breeds are usually more hypoallergenic than cats, actually cat allergies are worse than 2:1 compared to dogs.

Many of us don't even get a chance to decide if we are dog or cat lovers since we have from the start a bad beginning if we are allergic.

A good friend of mine, huge cat lover, couldn't even pet them for more than a minute without starting to cough. That sucks.

With dogs there is a different story, basically, any kind of crossed dog breed is immune to provoking allergies in humans. So obviously my friend got two dogs, I mean when you love pets you love pets. 

So we put together this guide to finding a cat breed that will be a great option if you have a long-time struggle with allergies.


Thinking that cat allergies are twice as common as dog allergies, and they can range from mild (like - itchy, sneezing and watery eyes) to straight-up dangerous (like asthma attacks), cat allergies are incredibly common in the modern age.

A myth is that what causes these allergies is the cat's hair when in reality the trigger for most cat allergies is a protein named FEL D1 that cats produce in their skin, saliva, and urine.

So whenever cats groom themselves, which is a lot, that protein in their saliva ends up drying in their fur.

The way your body reacts to this is based on your body's immune system acting as if it was under direct attack by these harmless proteins.

This also causes inflammation that can lead to various symptoms from itchy eyes and nasal congestion to asthma attacks.

This sounds like a very misfortune story for cat lovers with allergies. But here is where the hypoallergenic cat breeds come in to save the day.


Truth be told no cat is 100% hypoallergenic, there are attempts to breed cats until there will be a cat that doesn't produce this allergen protein. But nothing that ensures a 100% success rate.

When trying to decide for what breed you might go after if you are willing to try out we recommend first interacting with the breeds separately and see what kind of effects you get.

Don't expose yourself to long periods and stop as soon as you feel something might go wrong. But this is a great way to test out which breed might be the right one for you.

Also, think about the purchase price and the costs of maintenance for these unique cats. 

Siberians are among the most expensive at $1300 to $2000, while Devon Rex and Balinese cats are around $600 to $800.

Try finding trustworthy breeders, you don't want to get scammed.

A trustworthy breeder will vaccinate their kittens and guarantee the good health of your future kitty.

If you think about the food and the other additional costs we are talking somewhere from $700 to $1200. Veterinarian costs will add up to $300 to £500. Other expenses are included if you will opt-in for different extra services.


This breed produces fewer allergens than other cats, having a pale base color with darker spots around the face area, ears, tails, and paws. 

Even tho they are a cross-bread with Siamese cats they have a medium in length coats.

Having no undercoat is the reason for their lower allergen accumulation. Balinese cats are very intelligent, social and playful enjoying more intimate interaction with their owners showing affectivity.

This breed is extremely beautiful, many cats having blue or violet eyes. These cats fit best with families that will stimulate their creativity and need for daily activities.


Gentle, loving, the Devon Rex makes a perfect choice for people that enjoy highly energetic activities as it makes for a very demanding pet. 

Reminding of the sphinx, it's pointed face resembles an adorable elf. His ears are HUGE compared to his cute little face, pointed upwards. 


Siberian Cats are long-haired cats, still, they made it in this list predominantly occupied by short-haired cats because they produce lower levels than usual of the protein FEL D1. 

They originated from Russia, as the name suggests, and despite their thick fur, shedding is relatively low. 

But they do require regular grooming.

Very friendly with kids, these make the best family-orientated cats. Pretty calm creatures and at the same time active. 


Russian Blues don’t have any special coat qualities that make them hypoallergenic but they do produce less Fel d1 - the protein that cats secrete from their skin which a lot of allergy sufferers are allergic to.

This breed has a really interesting background, comming from Russia port Arkhangelsk on the White Sea. Almost got wiped out in the WW1, they survived by crossbreeding with British shorthair and other breeds.

They adapt with other cats, children and even dogs pretty nicely. Not too noisy as cats, is a very calm addition to your family.


The Sphynx cat is famed for being hairless which gives it a unique look but also some special care requirements.

If you suffer from allergies a Sphynx cat could be the perfect cat for you as long as you are willing to invest in the extra costs involved with owning one.

This is because the allergenic proteins in the cat’s saliva can’t get trapped in a Sphynx cats fur because they don’t have any. Pretty smart.

Still, they require extra layering to be protected in cold weather. Check our Sphynx Collection.


Most cat’s fur is arranged in 3 layers;

  • a top ‘guard’ hair,
  • a middle ‘awn’ hair
  • and a bottom ‘down’ hair.

The Cornish Rex possesses only the bottom undercoat of down hair which means that they are not only very soft but they have a lot less hair than other cats.

This means they shed a lot less hair and are therefore less likely to cause an allergic reaction.


The grooming habits of this cat breed are perfect for a family that dosnt have much time to put into a high Maintainance pet friend. They don't groom as often as other breeds but they are quite stunning creatures.

Originated from the USA, and has Asian Leopard Cat in its bloodline.

Their personality is very affectionate, friendly and highly trainable. 

Very intelligent, they compensate in grooming less with needing lots and lots of activity to keep busy. You might be able to take them out for a swin, as they don't seem to fear water! 


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