Elevated Cat Bowls: Are they Necessary?

Have you heard the hype about elevated cat bowls?
If not, we are here to give you the 4-1-1.

Long story short... if you are not feeding your cats from elevated food bowls, YOU SHOULD BE!

We are not trying to sell you a food bowl for your cat, we genuinely want your furry feline friend to be happy and healthy. And that starts with YOU being informed!


The traditional way to feed our pets is from bowls on the ground.. Nothing special, just a simple old fashioned dish on the ground: one for food, one for water. If this is the way you are feeding your cat, don’t be too hard on yourself or feel guilty, because this is the way we learned how.


We are not kitten around when we ask you to kick those old habits to the curb, feeding cats from bowls on the ground is NO GOOD! And here is why:

Even if your cat seems “just fine” eating from its’ dish on the ground, it could be experiencing serious discomfort. Cats bodies are designed to eat in a standing position, not bent over. Bending over for food compresses their digestive tract and increases risk of:

❌ Choking
❌ Nausea
❌ Indigestion
❌ Gas
❌ Vomiting
❌ Expensive trips to the Vet

Could you imagine if we felt nauseous every time we had to bend over to eat!? Ugh! Awful. Our poor kitties. And besides that, Boujee cats don’t throw up! Hehe.
It is hard enough to get them to eat as is.. so be sure your kitty has an enjoyable eating experience and is retaining all of the healthy nutrients you will be feeding him or her.

By providing your cat elevated bowls, you are allowing them a better eating experience, which we feel creates a better quality of life (because food is everything). We’d like to highlight the reasons why we feed our boujee cats from elevated angled bowls:

IMPROVED DIGESTION: Elevated bowls helps prevent vomiting, nausea, reflux, choking, and discomfort. Raised bowls allow your cats to eat and drink the way they were intended to: standing. An elevated feeder allows your cat’s digestive system to function properly.

INCREASED COMFORT: By raising your cats bowls, you are prevent strain on the neck and spine. Elevating your cats bowls is a small ergonomic adjustment that can have a big payoff. Better posture for your cat is key to preventing future hip problems and aches and pains as your cat ages.

HEALTHY EATING HABITS: An elevated 15 degree angle makes the food and water bowls more approachable; it is easier and more natural for cats to eat/drink this way. Cats have very sensitive whiskers, and the angled elevated bowl help prevent their whiskers from coming in contact with the bowl and the food and water, creating an overall more enjoyable eating experience for your cat. This may also promote cats to drink more water, which is key to their health!


Your duty as a cat parent is to provide a happy life for your cat. Boujee cats are happy cats. And we truly feel that elevated bowls can make a huge difference in a cat’s quality of life.

Do your cat a favor and provide it with an elevated bowl to eat and drink out of. If you don’t want to spend money on a bowl, we totally get it, times are tough! But don’t let that be an excuse to let your cat continue to eat from the ground..

You can turn a bowl upside down and place your cat's dish on top. Or here is another creative cost effective way to make an elevated bowl. 

If you would like to purchase an elevated bowl, this is our #1 choice, we prefer with stainless steel adjustable bowls.


This one with acrylic bowls comes in close second, and available in single or double configurations.


Send us pictures of your cat eating out of their elevated bowl.. it’s what all the cool cats are doin’!




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