13 Cat Themed Valentines Day Gifts

Meow 😻

Valentines Day is right around the corner. Do you have a valentine this year? Or maybe your cat is your valentine and the love of your life! We totally feel that. Or maybe it's time to show yourself some love and do you this Valentines day. No matter what your love life entails, it's important to let your loved ones know you care. There is no better way to do that than with a thoughtful and unique gift. 

Show some love this year... whether it is to yourself, your cat, or your cat-loving significant other. We have compiled a list of 13 Valentines Day gift ideas that will set you apart as the best and meowst thoughtful Valentine ever:


1. Cat LOVE Tee, Sweatshirt, or Mug.

Not just for Valentines Day, wear this cute Cat LOVE shirt all year around. The guys and the gals love this one. This is a designed by our Boujee Cat team, and can only be purchased at Boujee Cat! Also available in a crewneck sweatshirt or as coffee mug if you are more into that! 


2. Heart Socks for Cats

Ummm, We can't can't handle the cuteness. Spoil your fur-baby love with these adorable heart socks with anti-slip bottoms. Who doesn't love some kittens in mittens!?


3. Customizable Collar Charm/ Pet ID Tag

Nothing is more meaninful than something customized with a name on it. With so many cute designs to choose from and fast shipping, these make for the perfect gift. They are intended to be for neck candy, and worn on the collar, but they would also make cute key chain accessories. 


4. Sweetheart Sweater

Let's be real, a sweater on a cat is just the cutest sight to see. We love this sweetheart sweater, adorned with festive balls. 


5. Cat Corkscrew

Single? Drink. A romantic dinner with your loved one? Drink. In a relationship with someone who makes you want to rip your hair out? Drink. Stop kitten around and get to sippin' with this uber-cute corkscrew. 

6. Cat Earring Set

We love the glittery kitty and leopard print duo. These make for a perfect "treat-yo-self" gift, or for a girlfriend who is a cat lover. 


7. Space Cat Palazzo Pants

"I love you to the moon"... more like I love you to "Caturn".. heh! These galactic pants are super fun and unique. 


8. GucciBee Genuine Leather Collar + Bowtie

This is for the boujee-ist of cats. We love love love this collar, because it is handmade with the best leather, top quality, and is boujee AF. 

9. Gold Heart Cat Necklace

Neck Candy for your kitty-cat. This necklace is so cute, and gives your cat that extra touch of swagger. 


10. Best Cat Mom Ever Tee

There nothing that is more loving than a cat mom. This trendy tee is one of our best sellers and is a Boujee Cat exclusive. Wear it loud and proud. Also available for cat dads ;) 


11. Cat Carrier Backpack with Built-in Fan and Light

Is your cat your valentine? Bring your furry-valentine everywhere with you. This adorable high tech backpack has everything to keep your cat comfy - a built in fan to )especially important for the summer months), a light, proper ventilation. Travel in style with your cat, you won't regret this purchase! 


12. The Cat's Pajamas - Heart Jammies

Chill at home on V-day with your cat, in this ombre heart pajamas for your cat. Your fluff-baby will sure look cute in these cozy jammies. 


13. Red Houndstooth Cat Harness

This handmade harness is top quality, and is one of our favorite travel-accessories for cats. There is also a version of this harness that is customizable, where you personalize it and can add your cat's name


Whether pampering yourself, your cat, or your cat-infatuated loved ones, these gifts will show your true feelings of love! And they can be purchased without ever having to leave the comfort of your own pajamas! 

Spread love this V-day! 

Stay Boujee, friends! Pease, love, and CATS! 😽


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