Windmill Massage Cat Toy

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Looking for a Healthy Distraction for Your Cat?

This Interactive Windmill Cat Toy is a uniquely designed toy to keep your cat entertained! The Center of the toy provides your cat with a massage, and the spinning wheels on the windmill are a playful toy

When the windmill is gently touched, it rotates, and will keep your cat on its toes spinning! When play time is over, your cat can rub up against the wall mounted toy and get a nice relaxing massage. Your cat will keep coming back for more!

The transparent balls on either end of the windmill open up! You can leave as is, or place catnip or a small glowing ball in the the compartments.

CATS LOVE IT - A massage and a toy in one - double whammy! There aren't enough hands to pet your cat, so this toy will massage and groom your cat all day! It will keep your cats attention, because cats love it! Read the reviews below.

REDUCES CAT ANXIETY - Both the spinning device and spinning element and known to reduce anxiety in your cat! Veterinary approved.

NO MESS - This toy is suction cupped to a wall, meaning no toys or clutter all over your floor!

EASY - This toy is easily suctioned to a wall or vertical surface. No cleaning or maintenance required!

GROOMING - Soft Spikes in the center provide a massage and grooming effect on your cat that will help to reduce shedding throughout your home.

Three Color Options: Green, Blue, Yellow

Package Includes:

1 Windmill Cat Massage Toy with Suction Cup to Mount to Vertical Surface

(No glowing ball insert included)

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