Our Story

Welcome, Cat Lovers of the World!
Boujee Cat is here to fulfill your love of all things feline, while indulging your cat’s inner Royal Highness. Here, you will find a community that appreciates the love you share with your furry friend. We understand your desire to make sure your fur-baby is well pampered, and are here to accommodate!
Did you know the ancient Egyptians believed cats brought good luck? Some of ancient Egypt’s most prominent gods and goddesses were described as having cat-like features and attributes, and we completely understand why. Swift, agile and proud, it’s no wonder why cats were considered sacred.
So here’s to providing cat moms (and dads) with the products they needs to shower their furbabies with the love and appreciation they deserve. We ship worldwide and bring all the “boujee-ist,” cat-related items straight to your door!
Boujee Cat