Cutie Protection Neck Ring

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Adjustable Surgery Protection Cat Collar Cat Recovery Collar Cat Cone

Surgery is never glamorous, we know. Let your cat heal with this super cute fruit shaped protection ring! After surgery, cats (and dogs) tend to lick their wounds, but not with this cute Recovery Collar! This Cutie cat cone will help them quickly recover from surgery by preventing your cat (or dog) from chewing, licking, and scratching their wounds/injury. 

This cat surgery cone is not only the cutest, but it is made of super soft light-weight cotton, ensuring a comfortable wearing experience for your pet. 

Size is Adjustable for Comfort! The recovery cone has an adjustable strap where you can control how tight the cone goes around your fur baby. 

Approx overall Size: 11" length x 7.5" width x 1.7" height
Neck circumference: 6.7" to 11"

Suitable for cats and small dogs.

Note: Your pet should still be able to lick their front and back paws while wearing this cone! The purpose of this cone is for recovery for wounds on the upper part their body. 



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