NEW Pet Carrier Bubble Backpack w Built-in Fan and Light

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Take the Stress Out of Traveling and Bring your Pet With You

Travel the world with your fur-baby. Functional, Stylish, Practical. Because your pet deserves the most Boujee Travel Experience. 

Perfect for walking, biking, hiking, jetsetting... or whenever your hands are not available to carry your pet! Can be used in airplane travel as an in-cabin under seat carrier, featuring an extra pliable frameless top that easily compresses.

Cutting Edge Technology makes this the Best + Most Comfortable Pet Carrier of 2021!


Breathable Ventilation System: Intelligent Vent System + Mesh allows for automatic air control dependent on the internal temp of the bag so your pet can be comfortable traveling in any climate! Also minimizes noise interference. 

Tinted Window: Transparent Tinted Space Bubble Viewing Window allows your pet to feel more comfortable by having broader vision and enjoying the scenery. Keeps them protected and shaded from the sun!

Built in Light: Ensures your pet is comfortable and feels safe in a well lit space

Shock Reduction System: Smart Shock Absorption System is built in to the backpack. Reduces shock from movement so your pet is comfortable traveling with you while walking, biking, hiking. 

Convenient + Comfortable: Ergonomic Design with sweat absorbing straps that relieve pressure from backpack. A wide bottom design to sit comfortably on your back and to give your pet extra space to enjoy the views. 

Durable + Cleanable: Resistant to clawing and scratching. Designed with the most durable Fabrics, ABS, and PC Materials 

Designed for Outdoor + Indoor Travel. Weatherproof. 

Features a Built In Power Source - Pocket on the side of the backpack for the remote power source. Connect to the remote power source to easily control. 

Available in White and Green. 

Designed for Cats + Dogs up to 17.5 Lbs

Dimensions of the Carrier: 32 x 27 x 44.5 cm

Weight of Backpack: 1.4 kg

Does not include Batteries. 

Lasts up to 20 Hours in Auto Mode using a 5000mAh power source. 

Lasts up to 40 Hours in Auto Mode using a 10,000mAh power source. 

Removing the Charger will stop the Ventilation System from properly functioning. 

We like this product so much we guarantee it! 30 Day Satisfaction Guaranteed or Your Money Back.


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