Elevated Cat Bowl Double Stainless Steel Feeding Bowl

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Your duty as a cat mom or dad is to help your cat eat better, and make him/her comfortable and happy.

Do you feed your cat out of raised bowls? 

If not, do your duty and consider getting an elevated cat feeder.

Eating at ground level creates an unpleasant and uncomfortable eating experience for your cat. Cats bodies are designed to eat in a standing position, not bent over. Bending over for food compresses their digestive tract and increases risk of choking, nausea, indigestion, gas, and vomiting.

 #1 Recommended Food Bowl for Happy + Healthy Cats. 

  • IMPROVED DIGESTION: Helps prevent vomiting, nausea, reflux, choking, and discomfort. Raised bowls allow your cats to eat and drink the way they were intended to: standing. An elevated feeder allows your cat’s digestion to function properly.

  • INCREASED COMFORT: Prevent strain on the neck and spine, and prevent future hip problems with ergonomic elevated feeding bowls.

  • HEALTHY EATING HABITS: A 15 degree tilted angle allows your cat easier access to the food, making the food easier to eat and creates less of a mess. Creates an enjoyable eating experience for your cat.

  • DURABLE: Made of Premium Nanotechnology Stainless Steel & ABS material, free of harmful toxins. Rust and stain resistant. Leak and skid proof.

  • EASY TO CLEAN: Removable bowls can easily be washed.  

This food bowl is perfectly designed for your cat. Promote a great eating posture and reduce the strain on your cat’s neck with this angled bowl duo. With its large feeding area, your cat will never worry about getting their fur or whiskers in the way of eating their food again. After thorough research on the face shape and features of various cats, this bowl was engineered to feature the most optimal incline, shape, and angle to promote the best healthy eating habits for your cat. 

Bowls hold approx. 9.5oz of food when tilted at 15 degrees. Bowls can be easily adjusted to be locked in tilted or flat. Rubber grips at bottom of base assure bowl stays in place.

Overall Size: 13”L x 6.5”D x 3.5”H. Includes base and bowl. No food included.

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