Happy-Tooth Cat Toy

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Keep your Cat Busy and Help Improve Their Teeth! 

Cleaning your cat’s teeth is important. Tartar and plaque builds up on their teeth as cats get older. In a purrrfect world, our cats would allow us to clean their teeth. But we know that will never happen, so we have a toothbrush cat toy that will allow your cat to dodge a dreaded trip to the vet, and enjoy having its teeth cleaned! 

This new interactive Kitty Toothbrush is a toy designed to make cleaning your fur baby's teeth fun, easy, and effortless. With every chew, this toy effectively cleans your kitty's teeth and gums. 

CATS LOVE IT! Insert Cat Nip Pod to Attract Your Cat to Chew on Toy for Long Periods of Time

CLEANS TEETH & GUMS - Soft Silicone Nodes Massage and Stimulate Gums + Clean Cat's Teeth for Good Dental Upkeep

EASY TO CLEAN & REFILL - Insert Cat Nip Pod into Toy (easy!). Rinse Under Hot Tap Water and Dry to Reuse

WELLBEING TOY - This toy serves an important purpose! It is an ESSENTIAL for the Wellbeing of Your Fur Baby

FOR CAT'S ONLY! - This toy is not sold in pet stores, and is designed for Cats Only! 

Package Includes 1 Self-Cleaning Toothbrush Toy with Catnip Pod. Available in Pink, Plue or White. 

We like this product so much we guarantee it. 

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