Hair Removal Shed Control Glove

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Do you have a cat that sheds!? Preventing shedding means less time cleaning!

Take control of your cat's shedding by using these Shed Control gloves. These Gloves are a Time-Saving, Hair Grabbing, Cat-Loving Tool that Will Change Your Life

Ok, maybe these aren't the most glamorous looking gloves. Boujee doesn't always have to mean pretty.. as long as it serves a purpose and does a great job, we are on board!  These gloves are the definition of FUNCTIONAL!!  

Reduce Shedding in Your Home: Contain your cat's hair before it sheds all over your home! The gloves act as a grooming brush. Lift dander, contain shedding hair, remove dead undercoat, and give your cat the beautiful shiny coat it deserves. Brushing your cat daily with these gloves is easy, and will drastically reduce the amount of hair that gets on you and your furniture! 

Soft & Flexible Bristles: Petting your cat with these gloves on feels like a soft massage. The soft bristles work deep to give your cat a gentle rub while removing unwanted hair.  using this grooming gloves to clean your pet's hair. Unlike other regular brushes, this one has five finger design with soft tooth brush, your pet will feel very comfortable while cleaning its hairs. Cats LOVE it! And actually, so do dogs!

Better Than a Brush!  The Five finger glove design allows you to groom and brush hard-to-reach areas, like the tail or face, that a brush cannot reach. You are able to use your hand to move with the contour of your cats body to get the best grooming results. The gloves collect a layer of fur that is easy to peel off from the glove. Purfect for cats and dogs with all hair/fur types.

Adjustable and Comfortable Fit: The glove are easy to put on, easy to take off, An adjustable velcro strap ensures a snug fit, making them an easy one-size-fits-all solution.  

Premium Quality & Eco-Friendly: Free from toxic materials which could cause skin irritation. Premium soft rubber bristles ensure gentle massage and grooming without scratching of the skin or uncomortable hair teasing. 


Easy to Wash + Clean. 

Package Includes One Glove: Select a Right Hand or a Left Hand Glove. 

Available in Blue, Pink, Green, and Red. 

We like this product so much we guarantee it! Or your money back. 



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